GUEST DOODLEWASH: Featured Artists At The Doodlewash Dinner Party!

Head over to Charlie’s DOODLEWASH blog, to see the fantastic food a whole bunch of artists made for his dinner party! There’s something for all tastes.


#DoodlewashDinner title card by Jacob at Jaywalks Alphabet Soup Title Graphic Created by Jacob at Jaywalks

This month’s adventure was a truly fabulous event, as artists from around the globe came together for a very unique gathering called a #DoodlewashDinner Party! Over 60 talented doodlewashers showed up with their culinary creations! And we were even visited by some intriguing surprise guests (thanks Jill!) and treated to a fabulous food painting video (thanks Bogdan!).

Check out the Featured Culinary Artists’ images below and click any one to scroll through the gallery of artists. If you see someone new at the party you’d love to keep up with, just click the follow link under their art! It was truly an amazing gathering, so thanks to everyone who participated! (I was only able to select a single dish per artist for this gallery, but you’ll find many more on Instagram and on WordPress!) If I missed your hashtag and failed to include you in the gallery below, or misspelled your name…

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  1. Hi! (Love the watercolours!)

    In case my reply to you goes astray again (Problems with WordPress tody), here’s what I said:

    Hi, M.L.. My last reply to you disappeared, so here goes again! If you go to the list of blogs you follow on your Reader, you can toggle the choice so new posts will arrive in your inbox. Let me know if you have been able to do that, I don’t want to lose you. 🙂

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