Cyclamen, tomatoes and olives

Autumn is a good time to head out for a country walk. It’s not too hot and it’s rained already, so the hillsides are dotted with wild cyclamen. I pick bunches of them and put them in small pots, which are then spread around the house. My dog has learned to be patient while I am foraging. Today she investigated various interesting items, the most fascinating of which was a very dead, flattened frog which I had to prise from her with great difficulty, my orders of ‘Drop it!’ having no effect whatsoever.

Below please admire the results of my Saturday morning outing.



This is also the time to enjoy the last sun-ripened tomatoes. I do make a small batch of sauce for the winter, the emphasis being on small, since I can’t be bothered to sterilize jars and just put them in plastic boxes in the freezer.



Meanwhile, the olives are ripening on the trees. Already we have put up a few green ones in brine. We call them tsakistes (smashed) since you have to crack them with a stone. Soon it will be time to pick them. The groves will be full of people gathering and the roads will be full of tractors taking them to the press.



And for a more melancholic autumnal mood, I am re-posting Josephine‘s stunning photograph. She calls it ‘September’, but in Greece September is still summer to all intents and purposes.


7 thoughts on “Cyclamen, tomatoes and olives”

  1. What an incredible post and I love how you really drew me into you’re little corner of this planet and I could feel myself there. I live just North of Sydney, Australia so we’re heading into Summer. We are growing some self-seeding tomatoes. We have a worm farm and once every couple of years I actually manage to transplant that beautiful soil into our infertile, sandy soil Most likely, these are cherry tomatoes and they’re still green at the moment. Here’s hoping for any kind of harvest!
    xx Rowena


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