In the summer of 2015, the Greek people were called upon to vote in a surreal referendum: voting YES meant we wanted to stay in Europe, and voting NO—actually, as it turned out, it meant exactly the same. NO won out, we stayed in Europe under steadily worsening terms, and we entered a harsh and unending crisis.

During those sweaty summer months when we were glued to the TV, trying to fathom what was going on, all my foreign friends kept calling for news. Tired of repeating myself ad nauseam, I came up with the idea of starting a blog.

This turned into more than I had expected: I acquired a following, and decided to feature the positive side of Greece, as well as the depressing news. In much of the press, Geeks were being presented as a lot of lazy tax-cheaters, and I wanted to show a differed view. It was not meant to be a political, historical, or even factual blog. Those interested in facts can find most Greek papers online in English. My blog aimed to be a collection of vignettes, snippets of life, seen through the eyes of a Greek. I felt inspired to comment on what I, and the people around me, were going through—from my own, probably biased, particular point of view. Things I see, stories I hear, bits I read in the paper. The good, the bad, and the just plain funny. Through writing, drawing and painting, I’ve been attempting to produce a personal chronicle of these troubled and contradictory times.

A few years later, the crisis continues, and I cannot keep going on and on about the financial problems and the refugee issue. So I decided to branch out into other things that interest me, such as art, while continuing to report on the latest Greek developments.

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  1. Hi
    landed here from Blogging101, your drawings are beautiful, and I really liked the way you describe what has been happening in Athens.
    Here in Portugal we hear a lot about Greece but its only what the media puts out, its nice to have a real perspective from the people who are living it.
    I’m sorry but I’m just starting to learn how to blog, no real blog yet.
    All the best for you

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  2. I love the idea of using a painting of yourself instead of a photo. I really gives your blog an individual touch.

    I think you’ve just about got it right as far as your ‘about’ is concerned. I get a view of what I imagine you want me to think of you.

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  3. Hi M.L. Kappa, I was wondering if you would like to write a guest post on my blog? I have a new feature every Monday called “Postcard” and your blog is perfectly what the feature would like to endorse. You can write “Postcard from Greece”, I will add a photo of postcard and introduce your blog. Hopefully readers could click your blog to know more about Greece. Looking forward to hear from you.

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  4. Thank you, M.L. Kappa. The previous guest blogger from Hongkong write about how crowded Hongkong is and difficulties in finding cheap apartment. Another guest blogger write a postcard about maternal care in Denmark because she used to be a nurse. I would perhaps need more time to read your archive to find one aspect you could write about Greece. Otherwise you could let me know your suggestion, something interesting you thought readers wouldn’t know yet, the original perspective of a local. Please let me know if you have an idea already 🙂


      1. Hi M. L. Kappa, how are you? I’ve finished reading your entire blog. It’s brilliant. You are very artistic and observant, with a level-headed no-nonsense attitude to tell the reality in Greece. I have suggestion on what you could write for the postcard. Should I send it to your e-mail or just write it here in the comment? You could also leave comment in my blog so I could see your e-mail address in my WordPress dashboard. Looking forward to hear from you. Thank you.


  5. Hi M.L., Thank you for becoming a follower on my blog. You said were new this. I, myself, just decided to see what I could do with it in May of this year. I went from needing computer help from my sons and doing WordPress tutorials and tips from a lot of friendly bloggers who come to my distress on line.
    Starting December 1, I am adding a feature: “International Blogging” featuring guests from anywhere.
    You can see that at the same link. Thank you




      1. Dear M. L., I read all of your blog. Yours is just what I want to feature on International Blogging.
        I invite you and your blog to be featured on December 7 , 2015. [This blog is entirely non-commercial; my hobby] If you accept this invitation, e-mail me (address below). I would like to use your “About” ,”your drawing of yourself”, something about Greece, and about 700 words of text of your choosing.
        I would appreciate your send these as 4 separate attachments to e-mails to me. Please send it all to both of my e-mails addresses: charlesclantonrogers@me.com & charlesclantonrogers@gmail.com
        Thank you


  6. Hi Ms. Kappa,
    Thank you for following my photography blog: http://throughharoldslens.com. I hope you enjoy your journey.
    To launch your travels, find a Country or find a Genre, “click” and jump aboard. Or, here’s a few “Quick Links” to some of my favorites, from over 300 posts, on Through Harold’s Lens:
    “Shaken! Not Stirred”(Sweden)
    “Maiden Mild” (Poland)
    “Where Spirits Soar” (Chile)
    On behalf of the entire Creative Team at Through Harold’s Lens, my trusty sidekicks, Mr. Mirrorless Sony, Mr. SLR Nikon, his brother Mr. Pen Pal and myself, we wish you fun and safe travels.


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  7. When the going gets tough, the tough create…

    Thank you for following one of my blogs. I look forward to learning more about your Country and hopefully one day to see for myself. Lea


  8. I have travelled many times to Crete and Corfu; making many good friends whilst there. I love the country, its people and passion and it is indeed hard to read what is happening to Greece. I look forward to exploring your blog, writings and wonderful drawings more.

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  9. This sounds really interesting, Marina.Thank you so much for following my blog. I really enjoyed my holiday in Greece, which was now many years ago. It’s a beautiful country, the islands are amazing, and there are so many historic sites to visit. I’m also sad to see what is happening there now. I do hope it can come right one day.


    1. Thanks; the horse part is not on the blog. I decided not to mix everything up, I thought it would be too much – the blog is essentially about Greece. And now it’s becoming a bit more about art. But my life has been a lot about horses. I’ve been showjumping for years; we breed racehorses with my husband and I was chairman of the Jockey club of Greece for a number of years. I ride every day!

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      1. I noticed 🙂 You are probably wise to make it more focused. I’m not so good at that.

        How exciting! I’ve always admired the beauty of race horses. There was a thoroughbred at a stable I worked at as a teen, every once in a while I was allowed to take him out. I always felt like I could fly while riding him.
        Riding the Tevis Cup is on my bucket list. It will likely be on an Arabian, or a mustang though, since it’s a different kind of race.

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    1. Thank you so much for thinking of me, I do appreciate it. Unfortunately, I’ve decided not to do awards, because there simply is not enough time. What with blogging, networking, work and chores, I’d never be able to write or paint, which is my main objective.

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    1. That’ll be a big change weather-wise! And for other things, no doubt. I live in Greece but spend quite a lot of time in France. Greece is difficult for us natives at the moment, it’s good to be able to get away occasionally. Best, Marina


  10. Love your blog and I’m so glad I’ve stumbled upon it. I’m a journalism student in America and I’m interested in learning more about Greece. Any chance we could talk more about your blog/your life in Greece? Hope to hear back. Thank you!


  11. I don’t remember reading the About page of your blog. Only today after I launch my new blog, I was surfing on my followers blog I read the “About” page of your blog. Very much interesting. Thank you for posting! Juli


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