A few of my favorite things

I felt so gloomy after writing my last post (to say nothing about reading the morning papers) that I decided to make a list of my favorite mood-enhancers. Here goes – not necessarily in order of preference.

A bowl of pomegranates. Smooth on the outside, crammed full of juicy bits.



Art supplies. Anything to get the hands dirty.



A stack of books. Some unread – and some old favorites.



A puppy. Need I say more?



A cat, ignoring you.image


A bunch of flowers.



A ray of sunshine behind a cloud.



The sea.



Watching fish swim. Very soothing.



A sunset.image


A soaring kite.



Autumn leaves.






Luckily, there are many more. Babies, rainbows, music, the smell of toast… Easy on the senses, easy on the brain. Feel any better?


Many thanks to Eleni Koryzi and Anna Koenig for providing some of the photos

16 thoughts on “A few of my favorite things”

  1. and the amazing colours of the sky, the mountains, the olive groves and the sea in the Peloponnese this weekend, surrounded by good old friends!

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