Greece – through Harold’s lens

Harold is a photojournalist and a great traveller. I always think it interesting to look at places through different sets of eyes, and I loved the photographs of Greece he often posts on his blog, Through Harold’s Lens. He very kindly agreed to be a guest host when I asked him, never imagining the amount of work this entailed! In his own words: ‘What a fun project this has been. Going through and selecting from 1,500 photographs from Greece was a challenge.’

He has been more than generous in sharing his photographs, and since I found it quite hard to choose from this bounty, I will divide them between a couple or more posts.

Harold goes on to say:

As a recent visitor to Greece, I was alive with excitement strolling through this historical cradle of Western Civilization.

IMG_3940.jpg HL


To journey through Greece’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites and experience the numerous gods of the ancient Greek religion as well as the mythical heroes.







To feel the faith of the country.







To embrace the warmth, joys and sorrows of the Greek people.








With my sidekick Mr. SLR Nikon, we have tried to capture some of the riches and beauty of your country. We hope you enjoy.







To thank M.L., Through Harold’s Lens is celebrating “Greek Week” on our blog You are invited along on our journey.


IMG_3956(to be continued…)

26 thoughts on “Greece – through Harold’s lens”

    1. Thank you GeorgieMoon. I too love black & white. With Greece having so many historical treasures that are thousands of years old, I wanted to try to add mystique and a sense of nighttime isolation and let each stand alone in the night and enjoy being the heroes they are.

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    1. Thank you Carol Ferenc. Colorful and beautiful Greece is. But the historical significance of what I was seeing strongly drew me to B&W so that these historical treasures could stand isolated and allow the viewer to stroll alone at night through this cradle of western civilization.

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  1. Thank you Maria F. Happy you enjoyed my images on Greece. It is the wonderful warmth, faith and determined character of Greece’s people that supplies the mood of the candid photograph. I’m just pressing the shutter on my camera.


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