World Watercolor Month

What’s World Watercolor Month?

It’s a month to inspire people to paint with watercolor (watercolour, aquarelle) while raising awareness for the importance of art and creativity in the world.  Anyone can join the celebration, from master watercolorists to artists just starting out with watercolor!



Best of all, this first year of the celebration will be about raising awareness for children in need of art supplies and art education around the globe. Art is an important aspect of child development and paves the way for a successful future. What would the world be without art?





How could I resist? I’m joining the 31-day challenge – a watercolor each day. Some might be just doodles, some only dabs (abstract dabs?), but it will be fun. It will be motivation to pick up a brush each day, to try new things; and an opportunity to meet other artists. I will be posting on Instagram(athensletters). Below is my first contribution:

Day 1: Sketch of flowers past their prime.

42 thoughts on “World Watercolor Month”

      1. Thank you. I’ve just begun my art again after a hiatus of many many years – since I was a child and that’s almost beyond memory!. Working with acrylics allows me to be bold. I can paint over anything I don’t like (which is often). Watercolours don’t seem so forgiving. But your work inspires me : )

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      2. I think it’s fun to play around and not care too much about mistakes. With watercolor, it doesn’t cost much – a piece of paper, a couple of splashes of paint…

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      3. Mine too, but it’ll be a few years before I can slow down on work, and wrting takes up all extra time. I’ve always loved the texture of water colouring colours

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  1. Beautiful picture! I love the idea of capturing the flowers at this point in their lifecycle – it sort of adds a sense of authenticity (if that makes sense). Wishing all the best with your challenge.

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    1. They won’t all be of the same quality, I’m sure. I’m not putting too much pressure on myself. I’m posting them on Instagram (athensletters). Maybe at the end I’ll also do a post-see how it goes…

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