Garden Party

GARDEN PARTY is a weird and wonderful short film, which I discovered on SLIPPERY EDGE, a blog that, in their own words, is ‘focused on the exploration of beauty and creativity. As such our articles aim to showcase these qualities, and to do so we present you with a number of different contemporary professional artists, art students & creators from around the globe, in all domains of arts.’

It’s a great blog for discovering all sorts of new artists, and I urge you all to take a look. However, it is not a WP blog, so I could not discover how to re-post – I just managed to embed the film.

GARDEN PARTY is a short, animated film about two frogs who take over a deserted, if luxurious house. It has already picked up numerous awards. But I shall say no more, just let you discover it for yourselves. I’m curious to see what everyone thinks!



29 thoughts on “Garden Party”

  1. That was brilliant, Marina. It looked so real, I had to keep reminding myself it was an animation! Loved the huge frog stuck in the jar, and the ending was so unexpected. I must look into reblogging this, to get it some wider coverage.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. What a wonderful gem you have shared here. Where on earth do you find such marvels? Can’t think of the last time I enjoyed a short animation like this. Merci! 😀


  3. This was certainly a brilliant film. It’s hard to remember that it is animated. Thank you! You will enjoy Pete’s recommendation of David Wiesner’s book. I heard him speak this week… wow!

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  4. That is one strange film. I couldn’t stop watching, but at the end I didn’t know whether to look again, more closely, or try to forget it. Later I had a hard time erasing some of the scenes, especially the bloated toad rolling in the jar, and then of course his human counterpart in the water. It was rather haunting. Effective, if that was the point. Very troublesome for what it says (or what I think it says) about human nature. An artistic achievement, if not being able to stop looking at it or thinking about it is a criterion.


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