New feature: The monthly Q&A

imageI sometimes feel too many of my posts are depressing, due to the fact the situation in Greece is not particularly cheerful at the moment. I try not to be all gloom and doom, however, because there are many good things happening.
The future still looks dark. Nevertheless, a country’s future is in its people, and especially its young people. Inspired by comments from readers, and hoping to reveal a more positive outlook, I’m planning a new feature for this blog – showcasing individuals who are making the best of things.

Each month there will be a Q&A with someone who is making a life of it, here in Greece. I will try to have a mix of people from all walks of life, different backgrounds, different occupations, mostly the young – and sometimes the not-so-young.
It will be a little bit of research, an attempt to find out what motivates these individuals: what are their hopes, their problems, how they see Greece in the years to come. Did they ever think about leaving, and, if they did, what made them stay? If they’re still thinking about it, what would make them stay?
Watch this space.

10 thoughts on “New feature: The monthly Q&A”

  1. I do not find your posts depressing. I find them accurate and truthful. Your desire is to inform and actually uplift it seems to me. Not so easy in today’s Greece and the world in general. Looking forward to the Q & As.


  2. Good idea!But. I must tell that I never thought of your posts as depressing or negative ; quite the opposite they always make me respect and admire the resilience of your people 🙂


  3. Looking forward to these posts, what an excellent idea. Also, I find your posts interesting and not depressing at all but informative and curios. Perhaps I will get some inspiration from these young people going forward with energy and new ideas despite having the odds against them. Other places like here in France are not doing so good either. We need a new orientation and outlook.


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