The first signs of spring

We haven’t had much of a winter this year – it’s been mostly mild. A little snow on the mountains. Central and Northern Greece had a few bad days, with lots of snow, and roads shut.
I hope we get more rain before the hot summer months set in, but the first signs of spring are here, and they are hard to resist.


imageThe almond trees are in bloom.


imageAnemones come in all shades of pink and mauve, from almost white to fuschia, from palest lavender to purple. They can even be bright red, like poppies. They’re lovely in bowls around the house.






imageDaisies and other wild flowers are popping up.


imageThe first kumquat. It’s in a pot outside the kitchen door.



imageAnd buds on the camellia!

22 thoughts on “The first signs of spring”

  1. Oh those beautiful flowers and fruits! Here in the North of Germany we had a mild winter, too. That means rain, wind, grey weather since November (or October, I forgot, it is a bit depressing), only some few days with snow. I´m longing for the sun and some colourful flowers. Oh well, a blue sky for an hour would be great!

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  2. Wow, the Spring flowers in Greece seem early this year. I hope this is a good sign for an early summer. We are back to Greece in April or May to sail for the summer again. In the UK it’s been mild here on the south coast, we’ve seen lots of snowdrops, primroses and even blossom on trees.

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  3. I love these pictures! I have not traveled much and have always thought Greece would be so beautiful. So, I love these pictures of real things, so lovely! This is not how I pictured it at all and this makes me think it is even more beautiful!


    1. This is the landscape in Attika, where the countryside is mostly olive groves and vineyards. It changes when you are by the sea, in the mountains, or further north. The islands are very varied as well. A land blessed by the gods – pity humans manage to make such a mess of things…

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  4. What a lovely blog and what lovely pictures ! Thank you for posting them. They bring spring to France where we are dealing with last night gale – another one – and floodings. Not at home as we are above the level of the river. But still, it is bad weather. So it is nice to see anemones and almond tree flowers. Thanks again.

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  5. Lucky you, nearing spring already. Where I live we’re still in winter’s icy grip. I love your photos ~ the third one, the field of flowers, looks like a watercolor waiting to happen. Lovely post!

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  6. We have also had signs of spring in January in England, but now we’re expecting some colder weather. My camellia is in bud, which is as it should be, but I have chives in the garden and there are buds on the rose bushes, the pear tree, the blueberry bush and the gooseberry bushes. I’m hoping that the sub-zero temperatures forecast for this week won’t destroy them.
    I love the photo of the anemone.

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  7. Spring is definitely springing there! It’s been fairly mild in England too and we have daffodils, crocuses, and snowdrops out, and there are even some trees in full bloom.


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