Blog Parade

This list of some of my favorite blogs is eclectic, totally random, and prone to change according to whim. I try to keep the list short and propose what I think will appeal to a wide audience; it would be impossible to do justice to all the excellent offerings out there.

This is just meant to be a little voyage of discovery.   Click on the title and you shall get to the page. Enjoy!

The Slippery Edge                                                                                                                   Showcasing very interesting artists of all kinds: painters, musicians, architects. I particularly love the short animated films.

The Kitchen Garden                                                                                                                           Reads like a sitcom – where the main characters are cows, pigs, hens and peacocks! Celi invites you to virtually live life on a sustainable farm. Addictive.

Emerging Adult Eats                                                                                                                        Quirky recipes accompanied by Rachel’s even quirkier opinions. Now vegetarian, since she has forsaken meat. Do not read at night, you will be tempted out of bed and into the kitchen. Grilled pimento cheese with fried green tomatoes – need I say more?

Josephine’s absolutely stunning, atmospheric and original photographs, which I have shared in my posts before.

Japanese Rule of 7
Ken Seeroi’s humorous, non-PC take on life in Japan through the eyes of a foreigner. Hilarious.

This Itch of writing
The title says it all. The tools of the trade, by the incomparable Emma Darwin.


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