Poetry is honey for the soul (11) – ML Kappa

Camille de Fleurville is running a poetry series on her fascinating blog, Sketches and Vignettes from La Dordogne. She very kindly asked me to contribute and I chose a poem by one of the greatest Greek poets, Constantine Cavafy. Do pop over to take a look.

Sketches and Vignettes from la Dordogne

Poetry is honey for the soul

Marina gives us regularly news from Greece in her blog:


I follow it with the utmost assiduity: politics, economy, society, refugees, literature, Ancient Greece, Grecian Islands, myths, history, traditions -her blog is always full of information. Its full name is “Letters from Athens – A blog about life and times in Greece”.

Today, she invites us to read or re-read a poem by Constantin Cavafy, which sounds oddly relevant to our times.

unnamed (2)

C.P. Cavafy is widely considered the most distinguished Greek poet of the twentieth century. He was born in 1863 in Alexandria, Egypt, where his Greek parents had settled in the mid-1850s.

During his lifetime Cavafy was an obscure poet, living in relative seclusion and publishing little of his work. A short collection of his poetry was privately printed in the early 1900s and reprinted with new verse a few years…

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