Extreme Images of A Storm

We never get this kind of storm in Greece. Awesome images!


Late yesterday morning I saw this great broody cloud coming over the horizon like a huge intergalactic mother ship, I dropped what I was doing and sprinting past the long list of work I should have been doing, I collected my camera, jumped in the truck and went storm chasing. I love these images. The skies here fill me with awe.

Here are the best of the images in the order that I shot them. storm coming

extreme storms

storm clouds

storm clouds

And then I looked back to the house.


And said Oh my God. There is no way you can look at that image and not think that all hell will soon be rained down upon my little farm.  But this storm did not bring much rain or wind -just an ordinary storm with dramatic clothing.  Those of you on Instagram with me  (cecilia_bwg) will have seen this shot in real time. Thank fully this time I had…

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19 thoughts on “Extreme Images of A Storm”

  1. Is your weather always calm? I’ve always assumed so, but it’s this post that has prompted me to ask. I was there in May, and I remember it as hot, still, but (in Athens) grey. Was the grey because of air pollution?

    An elderly Greek man lives in my street. He speaks little English, but we communicate OK, sometimes by acting what we mean. Whenever we have a still day with sun and a blue sky he calls to me, “Greece weather!”

    He says this even in the middle of winter, when I’m sure it’s much colder than Greece ever gets.


    1. Of course not. We get storms, and rain, and hail and sometimes snow, even in Athens. We often get a lot of wind. But nothing so dramatic as a cyclone or a typhoon… I thought the photos very impressive.

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      1. Ah, Then my neighbour’s doing a great marketing job! Next time it’s hailing or windy, I’ll tell him, “Greece weather.”

        The photos were marvellous. I have to live with gales, sometimes ones that seem to have come straight off the Antarctic, but I’m happy to live without typhoons.

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  2. Amazing indeed, Marina. You would probably only ever gets shots like this in rural America. Like Dorothy, in The Wizard of Oz. No wonder she thought there were supernatural forces at work…
    Best wishes, Pete.


    1. Yes, I was very impressed. I love Celi’s blog, she runs a small sustainable farm – the blog is like a sitcom, only the characters are pigs and cows! And she takes great photos. You should take a look.


  3. I have followed Celi for some 4-5 years . . . love her writings and photos and ‘agonize’ over all the animals also but am so glad to be on the other side of the world from the Prairies weather !!!

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