A sixth Olympic ring

While some of us are gripped by Olympic fever, and some of us are annoyed by all the fuss and the endless TV coverage, the Fundación Vida Silvestre (which represents WWF in Argentina since 1988) has been viewing the whole concept as a golden opportunity, by launching “Add the ring”: a campaign to add the missing ring, the one representing the Antarctic, to the Olympic symbol.

Antarctica is the sixth continent, and one that belongs to all of us. It is one of the world’s last wild places, and one of the most vulnerable. Every one of the changes it experiences has a major impact on the rest of the planet, and so everything must be done to preserve it.



The campaign includes appeals from current and former Olympic athletes, radio spots, print advertisments, and an interactive website where, by working together, we can add the sixth ring.

I read about this on Slippery Edge, a site that showcases the arts – painting, photography, architecture and video – by presenting a number of different contemporary professional artists, art students & creators from around the globe. As they say in their ABOUT page, they’re into the ‘exploration of beauty and creativity.’

I’ve been following them for a while – they’re featured on my BLOG PARADE page – and I’m particularly fond of their short animated films. I’ve also found great artists and photographers I’d never heard of before. I urge everyone to take a look.

15 thoughts on “A sixth Olympic ring”

  1. But then my Olympic t-shirt, bought for the 1976 Games, I believe, would be out of date and I’d have to retire it! Or perhaps I could donate it to a museum… 😉

    Seriously, an intriguing idea – thanks for highlighting it. I’m not sure how I feel about it, in truth, but I shall mull over the idea…

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  2. Two thoughts: shall definitely look up ‘Slippery Edge’ at times: interesting! But a very definite ‘no’ to the so-called ‘sixth’ ring to the Olympic symbol: when will we, if ever, have enough people born on, training there and coming from Antarctica – a totally artificial concept to me . . . why make life more complicated . . . let’s deal with what we already have first . . .

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  3. I am not at all interested in the Olympics myself, but something with such TV coverage is the ideal chance to showcase the conservation message about Antarctica.
    I noticed that they now have a ‘Refugee Team’ competing to raise awareness of that issue, so it does seem to be a trend, Marina.
    Perhaps for Tokyo 2020, we could include a Greenpeace team, to protest about all the whales killed by the Japanese? Just a thought.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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