Shameless Promotion

The holidays are nearly upon us. I confess I’m running late with gift ideas, and very busy finishing some commissions. I make a lot of my own presents, but I also buy from online friends.

I don’t like to blow my own trumpet, but what could be a nicer gift than original art? It doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg, either.


I’m a terrible photographer, I know…


Just as a heads up, I’ve updated my Etsy shop, AthensLettersArt, with some small collages. If you’re stuck with ideas for a present for that new baby in the family, or a visiting auntie, take a look. There’s still time for them to arrive before the holidays! I can do gift wrapping, and even framing, if wanted.



Etsy anyway is a good place for handmade gifts 🎁

Happy shopping!


Santa’s workshop 🎄

15 thoughts on “Shameless Promotion”

  1. Don’t hesitate to blow your own trumpet, Marina. I ordered an art commission from an online friend, and it is soon to be posted in time to give as a gift for Christmas. I will certainly keep your shop in mind for future purchases.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. You are the second blogfriend in two days to begin an ETSY shop: hope it will be hugely successful!! Love the tomatoes and the pumpkin . . . . and the prices are most reasonable . . . just wish the postage across half the world would be – but then one can spoil oneself for Christmas . . .


    1. The postage is not too bad when it’s just a small painting that can go flat in an envelope. I’ve bought small sketches from Anne Lawson (also on Etsy) and it was very reasonable… Can’t say mine has been a wild success so far (!) but it’s early days yet… And it’s fun to try🌺

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