The first of May

On this day, I would like to celebrate springtime, with flowers as a symbol of peace. My wish is for an end to warmongering.
Below find the two parts of a floral diptych – it is still a work in progress, but it is my offering for May first.



Also I wanted to share the latest remake of Bob Dylan’s Masters of War – no comments added.



As we say in Greece: Καλή Πρωτομαγιά!

29 thoughts on “The first of May”

    1. That’s so nice to hear, Robyn. Being self-taught, I’ve also found inspiration through the work of other artists, especially on Instagram. Most of them are fantastic also about answering any questions re materials or techniques. Enjoy experimenting, art is great therapy 🌺😘

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      1. Never thought to look on Instagram. I’m learning on my own too. Obsessed with it so it’s not hard to absorb what’s on offer. Thanks for sharing. 🙏


      2. I used to despise Instagram because of the endless selfies, photos of people’s lunch etc. But the community of artists is amazing. If you go on let me know your identity and I’ll follow you and send you some wonderful artists to follow

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      3. I’ve followed you. I’ll send things on by and by. And it’s a good idea to upload your artwork, people are so encouraging that it inspires you. All you need is to take a photo on your phone. And you can always ask questions if you’re stuck on something. There are also fun challenges, like world watercolor month, Inktober, 100 people sketches in a week, etc.

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