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Summertime living makes things seem less grim, especially if one can get away for a day or two. For Greeks, though, life continues to be a struggle, with ever-rising taxation, constantly changing rules and laws, and a failing infrastructure. A quick glance at the papers reveals the following:

– The dramatic worsening of the Italian economic crisis has put a damper on the government’s hopes to stage a smooth exit from the bailout program in August. The political earthquake in Italy has caused shivers in the whole of Europe, given that its economy is the third largest in Europe, and nearly ten times larger than that of Greece.




– In Lesvos, refugee arrivals from Turkey have not abated, resulting in the hotspot of Moria being inundated by 7.300 people (for 3.000 places). There have been clashes between migrants from Arab countries and Kurdish residents over religious differences, and hundreds of people have dispersed over the island, sleeping rough in parks and woods. Fearing for their safety, they are refusing to return to state-run camps. Plans have been made for the creation of more reception facilities, but the local authorities have reacted forcefully against these. It is true the islanders have borne more than their fair share of this burden, but nevertheless  immediate solutions must be found.


More consolation


-Meanwhile, the leader of the opposition Kyriakos Mitsotakis presented his business model for the country. His message was: No to more taxes and social contributions, yes to investments and new jobs, but also to healthy entrepreneurship. Amen to that? Well, I’m not getting my hopes up, we’ve heard this before. Many times, by all sides.

To end on a better note, there is something we can be proud of:
In its annual report, the European Environmental Agency has said that 95.9 per cent of all coastal bathing waters in Greece are of excellent quality. Off to the beach, then, to drown our sorrows in the crystal clear waters.


A beach in Thasos, Greece


21 thoughts on “Some news”

  1. Wonderfully enticing photos in contrast to the written word. None of us can say ought from sometimes tens of thousands of miles away . . . . the inopportune and unwanted and unacceptable facts have to play their way out locally . . . . do well-meant ‘vibes’ count, saying we are by your side in our thoughts, and, naturally with our own problems to digest and live, but with love . . . ?


  2. You have so much to be proud of…this is just a bleep in your country’s story. Tough times, indeed, but let’s hope we all pull through and continue to celebrate those beautiful waters!


  3. Europe is breaking apart. Under the veneer of stability presented by the French and Germans, the huge experiment has failed for most of its members. So few countries have benefited in the long term, I think it might be best for the member nations to all go their own way, debts written off, and a blank sheet on which to start again.
    At least you have the solace of your surroundings. Imagine all this going on in the rain and mud of a very gloomy England this morning.
    Best wishes, and sincere hope for better times for you.


    1. It’s such a shame. I was all in favor of the European dream. And it could have worked, if people had been more reasonable and conscientious. Unfortunately, power seems to stupefy most people.

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  4. I normally steer clear of political posting, but I have to say that for me, my major reason for voting Brexit was the way Europe had left the refugee crisis to those countries who happened to catch the brunt of it. How can that be considered mutually beneficial?

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