Summer colors

I love this season, and can’t resist posting about it each year. The swallows have arrived, geckos are running up the walls. As everything is drying up, colors burst all around .

My agapanthus is out.


Oleander bushes are the best things to plant in Greece, since they don’t need water once they’ve had a good start in life. They can grow to be huge, and flower all summer long.


Bougainvillea – bright as flames.


Even roadside weeds are pretty.


And the figs are coming along nicely.


38 thoughts on “Summer colors”

  1. A post to make one happy, especially in early-winter Australia 🙂 ! Oddly, in my local climate of cool winters and warm-to-hot summers, my garden of over 10,000 agapanthus (sadly paler than yours) comes into blossom well before Christmas . . . . adore the bougainvillea for which my temps are slightly too cold . . . . thanks 🙂 !


  2. Love your blues and hot pinks: I dare not plant bougainvillea in this climate as it would rapidly take over the entire garden, but I adore the colour – it could only be improved by planting a bright orange one right next to it!

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      1. I think they love our tropical climate, and sprawl enthusiastically over everything. You see huge splashes of pink, purple and orange all over the place, often clashing wildly with its neighbour.


    1. But does it produce figs? Then it’s worth having them. They’re very tough, that’s why they survive in Greece in places where there’s no water to be had for months. But those are the best figs…

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  3. Beautiful! I would show you some of my flowers here in France but it hasn’t stopped raining long enough for me to risk the camera yet 😦


  4. Wow, all those colors are great! Thanks for sharing! We’re in Canada lately and it’s hard getting used to real seasons – Summer is just coming in and finally were getting temps up in the 20’s! lol, it’s something like 44 in Egypt right now – I don’t miss that at all! ;^)


    1. I really would like to visit Egypt someday. I traveled there once, at 13, with a friend whose father was the Greek ambassador. I’ve never forgotten the impression it made on me—loved every minute. Must go back…

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      1. At the time I was awestruck. First time traveling without my parents, to a strange and wonderful place. I still remember the water-buffaloes along the Nile—and lots of other details.

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