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Greek Easter has gone already, isn’t it weird how time seems to drag on and fly at the same time? I couldn’t get hold of bread flour, so there was no tsoureki this year, neither could we find egg coloring, but we dyed the eggs using onions skins, turmeric and paprika. They came out quite pale—they were brown eggs—so the children enhanced them with Tombow markers. Behold the result:

Greece has managed to keep the number of deaths from coronavirus low—around 100 at latest count—leading to the macabre joke that the virus at Easter was actually saving lives, since every year the mass exodus to the countryside results in multiple traffic deaths. This year people were forced to stay home.

Someone who seems to be having a great time at home is the street artist Banksy, who has released his latest painting, titled My wife hates it when I work from home.


Credit: Banksy

He’s put in a lot of rats, RAT being his anagram for ART.  I can’t say I’d like to share his confinement!

While trying to copy Banksy, ie drawing or painting, I’ve been listening to some interesting podcasts, which I thought I’d mention:
For crime readers or writers, Listening to the Dead, a podcast about forensics with Lynda La Plante. Some fascinating stuff in there.
The Worldwide Tribe podcasts with Jaz O’Hara, which documents some very interesting life histories. I loved the one she did with her mother, who is fostering no less than four teenage boys from four different countries, while managing to keep her sense of humor intact.
And of course, the New Yorker podcasts, The Writer’s Voice and Fiction from the New Yorker, featuring some great short stories.
Finally, I’m planning to try The Great Women Artists, with Katy Hessel.



Having finished a number of books I had on the go, I’m tempted to re read A suitable boy, by Vikram Seth. Although it’s a huge slab, I loved it when I first read it years ago, and maybe it would be fun to at least dip into it again before the eagerly awaited TV adaptation comes out.

On the viewing front, another thing I’m eagerly awaiting is the new Wes Anderson film, called The French Dispatch, which is inspired by the New Yorker magazine. I loved The Grand Budapest Hotel, and this seems to be in the same vein, and features a stellar cast. Here’s a trailer below:


With all the daily applause going on, I thought I’d mention Captain Tom Moore, in case anyone has missed the story. This feisty 99-year-old has managed, by today’s count, to raise a stunning £26 million pounds for NHS charities, by the simple expedient of walking 100 times around his garden in celebration of his 100th birthday later this month. His initial target was £1000!

And finally, I would like to put in a good word for the Word Press Hapiness Engineers, about whom I’ve been endlessly griping. Having experienced a few glitches with my new theme, I went on the WP Live Chat and, despite a warning saying they were experiencing delays, each time I got an immediate response. They were friendly and extremely helpful, and my problems were solved in no time. So, a heartfelt thanks.

Tulips in the garden. Nobody can cancel spring!


14 thoughts on “Bits and bobs”

  1. I prefer the eggs like that. 🙂
    Hard to believe that is Banksy’s actual bathroom. With all his money, I imagined something much fancier.
    I think the key to good service from WP Happiness Engineers is to have a paid plan. Since I started paying (just the basic plan), I have also had immediate response from the live chat that is not available on the free plan.
    There are almost a million signatures to get Captain Tom a Knighthood before he dies. I have a bad feeling that the petition will be ignored, but I hope I’m wrong.

    Best wishes, Pete.


    1. I’ve had a basic paid plan since the beginning, but in the past it’s been a nightmare contacting anyone. They’ve upped their game! I don’t really get the honours system—we have nothing like that in Greece—but in his case, I think it would be a nice gesture. Let’s hope it gets done!


  2. Like you, I am very keen to see the new Wes Anderson, although lord know when it will get a release. I think it’s due to screen at the end of August, but I can’t see cinemas being open by then. Hopefully we’ll be able to stream it online!


  3. Wonderful suggestions. We found flour here in London at a french supermarket (of course). Eggs came out brownish as I had used Pomegranate molasses!!
    May I say that we watched “Haute Cuisine” the film last night based on a true story on Mitterand’s french female chef. Just great.
    All the bestxxx


  4. Those eggs look fabulous but you’ve got me in a spin…I’ll spend the next hour shouting over the fence to my neighbour, which we do twice a week in lockdown, and we’ll be trying to fathom how the death toll in Greece is so low compared to the rest of Europe. Stay safe and stay healthy and we’ll raise a coffee to you from our back gardens down here in Oz.


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