A year of interviews – what next?

Well, time flies – I suddenly realized I’ve completed a year of Q&A posts.

For a quick reminder, we’ve had:



November 2015: Ioulia Mavrelou – The hotelier


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADecember 2015: Sofia and Nikos Pattakos – The Internet startup




January 2016: Niki Kerameos -The Politician




February 2016: Athina Mavromati and Yannis Tornazakis – The doctors





March 2016: Marilena Chrisochoidi – The Musician





April 2016: Alexia Vasdeki – the project manager






May 2016: Paminos Kirkinis – The Entrepreneur





June 2016: Nikos Tsourouyannis – the chemical engineer




July 2016: Chryssanthi Papadopoulou – the archaeologist




August 2016: Lucy Kanatsoulis – the college admissions officer





September 2016: Sofia Kioroglou – the poet





October 2016: Petros Koryzis – the chef



*Click on each name to see the original interview.

Going forward, dear readers, I want your opinion. Do I stop here? Do I carry on? Perhaps it would be nice to change the questions a little, if there are different things people are interested in. Or perhaps it would be nice to also get the point of view of Greeks living and working abroad… Call to action: I’m really keen to know what everyone thinks. Even if it’s ‘Enough! Move on to something else.’

19 thoughts on “A year of interviews – what next?”

  1. With a computer on strike have had no way to tell you that methinks you should do what has seemed natural to do so far: what you have thought of and people you have found special – these are your posts and we would not be here if we did not enjoy them and learn from them! Please do follow your own curvy roads of Greece and let us come along with you!!

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  2. I’ve found the interviews full of insights about life in Greece, so I’d love them to continue. I’d also find it interesting if you interviewed people who have left Greece. Whatever you do, though, has to be your choice and your passion, otherwise it will be a drudge.


  3. I have a few to catch up on as I only discovered your blog halfway through the year. It’s a good formula, helps people understand what real life can be life in Greece. I find it interesting that it often mirrors exactly what Italy is about 🙂


  4. Marina. Your blog is always interesting whether you are talking about life in Greece or interviewing Greek entrepreneurs. It’s interesting. Would like some more blogs on the economic news in Greece. Are things improving?


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