Fall colors

We don’t celebrate Halloween in Greece – apart from some themed kiddy parties – but how could I resist painting these awesome pumpkins?




I love fall colors, all those burnished oranges and reds.



How could you ever hope to reproduce those brilliant colors in paint?
How could you ever hope to reproduce those brilliant colors in paint?

In strong light the colors are almost fluorescent. Or almost fake!



And an irrelevant photo. But I do love ducks!



And a swan.



As for Halloween, the commercial aspect is hard to avoid. I even chanced upon a Simpsons spoof version of Edgar Allan Poe’s poem The Raven on television.

‘…and the silken, sad, uncertain rustling of each purple curtain…’

Was a spookier verse ever written?

Photos by Peter (follow him on Instagram @Alma_Peter)

47 thoughts on “Fall colors”

  1. Your photos are wonderful, Marina. I love autumn for all its glorious color and mad dash to change from one outfit to another. Your pumpkin painting is lovely. And Poe? Absolutely perfect for the season.


  2. In my part of Australia I largely lack those glorious autumnal shades bar a couple of small dissecta maples I just had to plant in my garden. Oh so love your pumpkins . . . . and a priceless catch of autumn leaves!


  3. A beautiful painting – I love the speckles in the background. My favourite photograph is the leaves on the grass – it almost looks as if you arranged them like that. You didn’t did you? πŸ˜‰

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  4. Your pumpkins in watercolor is just lovely!!

    I love that you have so many reds in your Fall. We have golds, yellows, and so few reds and oranges! More people are putting in non native trees that turn red in the neighborhoods, but out in the woods, and in nature I seldom see the reds and oranges.


  5. There is nothing like Poe at Halloween, is there? I’ve been adoring the fall colors more than ever this year. You’re right, some do look fake. I go into the woods with a friend of mine and we are surrounded in subtle reds, purples, oranges and yellows. A feast! Then I drive home past burning bushes and what not in people’s yards and the color is so harsh and one dimensional.

    Love your pumpkins!

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