July is World Watercolor Month

For those who did not read my post last year,  World Watercolor Month is the brainchild of Charlie O’Shields of Doodlewash fame. It’s a challenge designed to encourage anyone who joins in to post a watercolor painting each day of the month of July. It’s a fun thing, with very relaxed rules – there are no prizes, or obligation to post each day.


Day 1: Bunnies – Present for a child’s christening (part 1)


We do have a list of prompts, but nobody’s obliged to follow it, they’re only meant to help people with inspiration. The idea is to bring together artists of all levels, from all parts of the world.


Day 2: Ducks – present for a child’s christening (part 2)


WWM started in 2016 and proved a great success, prompting Charlie to greater efforts this year. The project, which has attracted sponsorship from various well-known art supply brands, has also teamed up with The Dreaming Zebra, a non-profit foundation  that provides underprivileged schoolchildren throughout the world with art and music supplies.


Day 3: Mountain village – the view from the window. Quick evening plein air sketch.


I joined in last year, and the results were beyond my expectations. It got me into the habit of drawing or painting every day, which I’ve kept up since. It made me open an Instagram account, and inspired me to follow many artists from whom I’ve learnt so much. I’m self-taught, so the encouragement, tips, comments, ideas and support I’ve been getting have proven invaluable. I’ve met new people, improved my technique and, most of all, had so much fun. I’ve now started getting commissions, and am even thinking of opening an Etsy shop.


Day 4: result of a walk in the fields


I’m so grateful to Charlie, who has shown that you don’t need more than enthusiasm, new ideas and a lot of TLC to make a real difference. His site, Doodlewash, hosts watercolor artists from all over the world (I was extremely proud to be included, here) and every Saturday there is a post where artist Jessica Seacrest reviews art supplies that she has tested. We’re talking types of paper, brushes, paints – very addictive, although bad for the wallet! And, of course, Charlie never fails to post his own daily doodlewash, with an amusing story to accompany it.


Day 5: Starfish. Watercolor and oil crayon over comic strip glued in tiny sketchbook.


I’m getting stuck in again this year, even if some days it will mean just splashing some paint around for a few minutes. I will post my output at the end of each week, and you can tell me what you think. What you see today is this week’s output.


Day 6: Summer fields. Mini landscape in tiny sketchbook.


I urge any of you with a creative streak to join in. You can jump in at any time, post as little or as much as you like. Just tag your work #WorldWatercolorMonth


Day 7: the tools of the trade

39 thoughts on “July is World Watercolor Month”

  1. Marina, this post is wonderful. Love your art, one painting after the next charming and full of life, and so thrilled for you now getting commissions. I’m also a daily follower of Charlie’s site as I enjoy everything about it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your work is so lovely! I loved the Bunnies! I am not up to doing it everyday, but have signed up with Angela Fehr’s #WatercolorSummer2017 challenge which is weekly through August. I think I can do that. At least I got the first one done. 🙂


  3. Really beautiful watercolours. I would say that talent is also a requirement to do something like this. Lucky child getting that hand painted christening gift! The bunnies are fantastic. Being an archaeologist and archivist, my favourite is “tools of the trade”.


  4. Very cool! Love that sketchbook landscape. You’ve inspired me with the idea of creating a book of simple sketches instead of words on holiday.


  5. I love your work! I think my favourite might be the grasses in the glass. It has such life. Yes, go for an Etsy shop, and let me know if I can help out at all.
    PS. I love your page in the Sketchbook ~ I loved it in the photos, but it is even better in real life!


    1. Thank you, Anne! The Sketchbook was such a lovely idea, I enjoyed everything about it. We must do something like that again. And I was planning to pick your brains about Etsy if I get stuck 😘


  6. Such a nice variety of subjects/images to paint. You pay attention to things. And it must be satisfying to be able to make gifts for important persons in your life. I very much enjoyed being here for a while, reading and seeing.

    P.S. Lots of interesting material in your other recent posts too. I don’t always comment, but that doesn’t mean I don’t benefit. If I had a soul city, it would be Athens–rich in contradictions, full of highs and lows, intensely personal yet aware of its past, physical yet intellectual, known for both artistic achievements and political drama, bringing to mind Polonius’s memorable description, which could be applied to life itself:

    ” . , . tragedy, comedy, history, pastoral, pastoral-comical,
    historical-pastoral, tragical-historical, tragical-comical-historical-pastoral;
    scene individable, or poem unlimited.” (“Hamlet” act II, scene 2)

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