An art page and a shop

The more perspicacious amongst you might have noticed an extra page in the menu bar of my blog entitled MY ART.

AthensLettersArt. My Etsy shop logo

Since I seem to be spending more and more of my time painting, I decided to add some information about this aspect of my life. It is a change in lifestyle which makes me happy. Art is fun and great therapy! As Picasso put it, Art washes away the dust of everyday life.’

Click on MY ART to find out more. I have no idea how this will develop, we shall see.

Also, bowing to popular demand (drum rolls and applause), I have set up an Etsy shop, AthensLettersArt,  for my smaller watercolors. I invite those interested to take a look.(Click here)

And that’s all for today, folks!

19 thoughts on “An art page and a shop”

  1. Your Etsy shop is looking good, and I am sure you will have many customers. I really enjoyed reading your art page too. Isn’t it interesting how creating art just can’t be kept down ~ something you loved as a child and then put to one side emerges in your lovely work now.


  2. Marina you are truly talented and haven given me the encouragement to pick up my art again after a lifetimes of “I don’t have time”. Love the Etsy shop. Good things will come from honouring talents.

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