Autumn’s bounty

While the last of the pomegranates are splitting on branches now covered in bright yellow leaves, the oranges are ripening.




It’s olive picking time.
Soon the newly processed oil will be on our tables, and what better way to appreciate its aromatic flavor than as a dip for fresh, crusty bread. Bread and oil, with maybe an onion added – the poor (Greek) man’s caviar!



The cyclamen have been replaced by pale blue crocuses and tiny green orchids, as well as the first anemones, fooled into flower by the unseasonably warm weather.

We took advantage of this to visit the Haris Estate where, amongst other cute creatures like bantam hens and miniature ponies, they keep alpacas – yes, alpacas in Attica! They hang about, looking woolly and making a high-pitched ‘mmmmmmmm’ sound – really too adorable! I want some!
image image


We also went to a dog show where a friend was exhibiting her champion ridgebacks. There was the usual hilarious array of enthusiasts with their pooches, from a huge white Pyrenean mountain dog to the tiniest, fluffiest, pristine Pomeranian. The dogs were all beautiful (otherwise they wouldn’t be there, I guess), there were lots of kids milling around, music, souvlaki at the canteen. Everyone was enjoying themselves.




It’s still been warm enough to have lunch by the sea – outdoors! Note the kid in a t-shirt. As we ate, someone on a paddle board went by. No wind, so no windsurfers today – but quite a few swimmers. The sea is still warm, warmer than it will be in early June.



imageAs we head into winter, it’s good to make the most of this beautiful weather.

Speaking of poor man’s caviar and looking at the photograph of food,  I wanted to mention the guest post, called Postcard from Greece, which my friend Nadya invited me to write for her blog, The Exceptional. I re-blogged it without managing to write a few words – this is the first time I’ve done a re-blog, and I must have hit the wrong button! I wanted  to thank Nadya for asking me, and to urge everyone to wander over and take a look at her blog about her life as a PhD student and mom.

9 thoughts on “Autumn’s bounty”

  1. I have to admit to a soft spot for alpacas, their big soft eyes and that sound they make. They are calling out to be hugged… at which point they would undoubtedly run a mile. Or spit.
    The light in your photographs is wonderful.

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  2. LOVE these pictures! I have a funny story about a llama (or maybe it was an alpaca, not sure). I went to a petting zoo in Florida of all places where they had some. (It seems cruel to keep them in Florida.) At any rate, I started petting the llama/alpaca and he began making these very strange Star Wars like sounds. The zookeeper came up and told me I had better leave off because the llama/alpaca didn’t like it. I decided he must not have liked me because he sensed how much I was coveting his coat.

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