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Charles Roger Clanton kindly invited me to write a post for his blog. Do wander over to read his “Reflections based on poetry, music, visual art, book reviews, history of science, first-person history and philosophical essays”. There is something there for everyone!

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international Blogging Guest – M.L. Kappa 

Greece #1

Summer Festivals

How many people associate a visit to Greece with going to the theatre? It would be interesting to know. But, time it right, and your trip could afford an unforgettable experience. Imagine sitting in the same place as a Greek or Roman did thousands of years ago, to watch a play under a starlit sky – although in those days, plays were held mostly during the day to take advantage of natural light. Some of Greece’s ancient theatres are still used for selected performances every summer. Obviously a lot of those are plays by Aristophanes, Sophocles or Aeschylus, and would be incomprehensible unless you speak Greek. However, a wide variety of high quality shows are put on every July and August during the Summer Festivals.

self portrait

Author’s “self portrait” M.L. Kappa

Many important theatres were built by the Greeks, in Thoricos and Corinth…

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4 thoughts on “From Greece –Guest Author — M.L. Kappa”

  1. That would be an incredible experience to see some Greek tragedy there. I studied theater in college and it make sense why they used exaggerated masks (which they changed, at least sometimes, I believe, to show different emotions), which would have been more visible from far away. The acoustics are phenomenal. Although I’ve never been to Greece, I saw a lovely similar ampitheater built in Caesaria in Israel, right next to the Mediterranean, where concerts are shown.

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