Inside The Well-Traveled Sketchbooks of an Artist

The ALK3R blog showcases many interesting artists. I have reblogged this because I find the work of Dina Brodsky absolutely enchanting. Wish I could draw like that!



Artist Dina Brodsky has many focuses to her practice, painting in miniature on canvas and paper, and recently turning to her family, friends, and Instagram community to submit trees for her to reproduce in a drawn project titled “The Secret Life of Trees.”

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20 thoughts on “Inside The Well-Traveled Sketchbooks of an Artist”

  1. These are so good! As a painter myself, I’ve always enjoyed using travel sketchbooks, but i could never get near these ones. Each one could (and should!) be framed – although, on the other hand, a sketchbook full of pages like that would be far better than any individual painting.

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