The new Acropolis Museum

Yesterday’s post was getting a bit long, so today I will do a follow-up on the new Acropolis Museum. The video below offers a virtual tour, where you can get a fair idea of the treasures on offer: the glass floor at the entrance through which you can see the ruins of the ancient city beneath your feet; the airy space allowing you to walk all around the statues; the Caryatids in all their glory; and the beautiful top floor mirroring the Parthenon where the marbles are exhibited.



The museum has a café and restaurant with a stunning view on the Acropolis. The food uses products and recipes from all over Greece and is served by smiling and kid-friendly staff. Go on their site for more information here. (Plan a trip to Athens! Totally worth it.)

For those interested in the campaign for reunification of the marbles, below is another short video, where you can also meet Professor Padermalis.


17 thoughts on “The new Acropolis Museum”

  1. I’ve been there. It is well worth a visit and certainly an excellent home for the Elgin marbles.I agree they should go back to Greece as a special case and with Brexit looming an opportunity for us Brits to show support for Greece. The EU seems determined to make Britain suffer and now they are at it again with Greece trying to claw back a small budget


  2. I’ve been to the Acropolis museum, it is indeed stunning, especially the amazing glass floors, which we loved. You can have a look at some of them near the entrance, without going in to the whole museum if you are short of time.


  3. I would love to visit this museum – history, beauty, innovation – who knows, maybe someday.

    I’m just realizing I may have gotten dropped off your follow list, though I suspect it has more to do with my spam filter than with your end of sending posts. I’ll have to take a closer look.


    1. How weird… Although this has happened to me as well, come to think of it – people I thought I was following disappeared, and I had to re-follow. The museum should definitely go on your list – you never know!🌹

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