Once upon a time, in a dark wood by M.L. Kappa | Day 19 | Advent Calendar 2016

If you like reading stories, my friend Solveig Werner (https://solveigwerner.com) has organized an Advent Calendar of short fiction by various writers. Drop in and take a look. This is my own contribution, a reconstructed fairytale. Just for fun!

Solveig Werner

Advent Calendar 2016

Day 19 | Advent Calendar

Once upon a time, in a dark wood by M.L.Kappa

Little Red fumbled at the door latch with clammy hands. It seemed stuck. Behind her she could hear panting as her grandmother struggled with the heavy blankets. She’d always hated the bristly old thing, who had doggy breath and long fingernails like claws, but she’d never felt afraid of her before. What the hell was happening?

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6 thoughts on “Once upon a time, in a dark wood by M.L. Kappa | Day 19 | Advent Calendar 2016”

  1. Marina, I’d commented about this story on Solveig’s blog, (Which is wonderful, BTW) not realizing it wouldn’t show up on yours, but wanted you to read what I wrote. So here it is:

    Lovely, a modern take on two older stories, providing another level of enchantment. Your painting is gorgeous, Marina – it catches Red’s fear of the intangible dark forest and things that loom threateningly.

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