Easter Lilac

Πασχαλιά (Paschalia) is the Greek name for lilac: the Paschal flower. It always blooms for Easter.


For Greeks, Easter is a more important holiday than Christmas: a time for fasting and feasting. A celebration of spring. Even people who are not religious will go to church at least on Good Friday and then Saturday night for the Resurrection, in order to join in the festivities. Sunday is spent with family and friends, preferably in the countryside, which is covered in wild flowers, with the aroma of roasting lamb wafting about in the breeze.



For those who have not been following this blog for long, last year I wrote a post on Greek Easter traditions which you can read here.



The date upon which Easter falls is calculated according to the moon and the vernal equinox and Greek Easter this year coincides with the other Christian churches – it doesn’t always, since the calculations are based on different calendars (Julian versus Gregorian). So, for all those who celebrate this holiday, whatever their customs and traditions, I wish you a very joyful and happy time!


I couldn’t resist making a quick sketch of the lilac bush in our garden.

28 thoughts on “Easter Lilac”

  1. Love your lilac bush picture, Marina!
    You wouldn’t want to be celebrating Easter outside here at the moment, as it is very cold, and threatening to rain. Enjoy your festivities, and a Happy Easter from England to you and your family.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. One of my all-time best memories of Easter is when I was on Santorini for Easter, and my sister and I went to Easter Sunday mass. We were very English Catholics, quiet and reserved, and the exuberance and joy of the celebration, the beauty of the church and the richness of the sights and sounds was a revelation. Χριστός Ανέστη!

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    1. Χριστός Ανέστη to you too, Kate! Yes, it is very festive, especially in small place where people know each other. I even know a Muslim man who always went to church at Easter with his family on the island where he lived. Lit a candle and everything!

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  3. Love the idea of Easter celebrations as a rite of spring and extending into the non-religious members of the community. I would love to go to church just for the festive atmosphere but it feels hypocritical somehow. Lovely watercolour!

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  4. The lilacs are blooming here in S.W. France too and the evening air is scented with their delicious fragrance. I hope you are enjoying a wonderful time with friends and family x

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