Season’s wishes

Athens has put on its glad rags as a general effort is being made to celebrate the holidays.

SYNTAGMA (Constitution Square) decorated and lit up for Christmas. Photo: Source:Google.


There is a lot going on, despite the continuing problems, which remain huge. Art shows, music, dance, parties – and people just walking the streets, enjoying the season. Athens remains one of the popular destinations for the winter holidays.

As always one must spare a thought (and perhaps a little money) for the people whose finances or personal circumstances make the holiday more of a worry than fun. Also the homeless and the refugees, who are spending another winter without heating or running water.

However, I would like to end this post on a positive note, and send my best wishes to all of you out there, who have been following and commenting all this time. I really appreciate your friendship (even when virtual!) and hope you will enjoy the days to come, with friends and family.


Christmas gift: Trying out a new toy, a Duke Confucius fountain pen – it makes the most interesting marks and is a lovely object in itself. Made from bamboo.

If any of my more recent followers are interested about Christmas celebrations in Greece, I wrote a post about it some time ago – you can find it here.

16 thoughts on “Season’s wishes”

  1. Marina, you are so compassionate to remember those who suffer at this time. Best wishes for a joyous holiday season to you.
    And I’ve been meaning to tell you how beautiful your recent paintings are – they just keep getting better and better.


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