Best wishes and a super moon

Stepping  outside at night on January first and seeing a huge moon shining behind the clouds felt like a good sign – an omen of a great year ahead?



Best wishes to all of you who have been reading my ramblings all year.
But so as not to be too complacent, I will share a cartoon frrom the New Yorker that someone sent me.


36 thoughts on “Best wishes and a super moon

  1. I love your blog for the combination of good writing and interesting and creative artwork. I hope you don’t stop any time soon, as I’d miss it. I hope 2018 is a year for regeneration and hope for Greece, and a year of creativity and satisfaction for you.


  2. I knew it! I knew it. It wasn’t just my moon after all that I saw, or imagined, in the night. And now I have your moon as a reminder that we are all of us connected, and that beauty and mystery can be shared.


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