Autumn Light


I’ve been too busy to write much lately (only one post in August—shame on me!) and the news this summer has been depressing again, with multiple forest fires and droves of immigrants arriving on the islands. However, the change in government has brought a measure of optimism to the country. The general consensus seems to be that they are at least trying hard to make a difference, and the reaction to events is faster and more organized. So fingers crossed.



Also, the last few days have been like a mini holiday where I’m taking the opportunity to enjoy the end of the summer. It’s a lovely time of the year, still warm but with a breeze and a hint of chill in the evenings. The light is mellow, the sea is silky and the sun does not scorch.



This is Schoinias Beach near Athens. Children went back to school yesterday, so it’s nearly empty.



The beach is edged by these wonderful pine trees called koukounaries



Beyond the sea, lavender colored mountains.



Elsewhere, tree branches are bowing under the weight of ripening olives,



And pistachios.




A magical time of the year in Greece.



36 thoughts on “Autumn Light”

  1. So beautiful. Love this time of year here, too. And I am going for some R&R on Crete in a couple of weeks. Can’t wait! P.S. Don’t feel too guilty about not posting…art and life take priority!


  2. Lovely pearly light, a change from the brazen hammer of full summer sun. I wonder if your koukounaries are similar to the umbrella pines near my father’s house in Spain; they made a wonderful dense shade on the hottest days.


  3. Dear M.L. Kappa,

    Missed you online. Hoping you and family are well and thriving. We are living in S. California now. Weather terrific. Lease keep well and keep in touch.

    Much Love, Ilona and Franklin

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