Inktober 2019

Two years ago I wrote about Inktober, an Instagram challenge where people have to post a daily ink drawing. There is a list of daily prompts, which are in no way obligatory, and any ink medium goes: fountain pen, biro, brush, micro liner, dip pen. You can add watercolor, collage or anything else. There are no rules and no prizes – it’s a fun thing.

I have never yet managed to post something on all the days, and I’m only intermittently inspired by the prompts, but I always determine to take part, because I enjoy the whole camaraderie going on. It pushes me to experiment, and I always feel I’ll do better next year. At the end of the month I’ll share some of my masterpieces with you, but meanwhile, I would like to present some exceptional artists and illustrators, who mostly follow the prompts with humor and imagination. I’ve noted the particular prompt for each drawing.
So, without further delay, here are:
The incomparable Nina and her stripey men. Prompt: Enchanted.
Simon Curd whose small monsters come with a little poem each day. Prompt:Swing
Kate Richardson with more monsters, happy ones. Prompt: Swing
Monica Rathke at Whosebirthdayisit. Prompt: Husky
David Bülow at bulow_ink with his architectural perspectives. Prompt: Bait
And for something a little more gothic, Aleks Klepnev. No prompt. 





Click on the URLs if you want to see more of each – definitely worth it, and a fun way to pass the time on a Sunday afternoon. There are many others to be found, some follow prompts and some not, but it’s always fascinating to see the different reactions people have to the same prompt.

12 thoughts on “Inktober 2019”

  1. I was delighted to spend a few minutes with such imaginative artists. Simonjcurd’s delightfully humorous ‘Swing’ and Aleksklepnev’s gemini faces especially made me go back for another look . . . . . .


  2. There’s a talented group of artists! Thanks for sharing them, Marina. I’m only following a few people who are participating in this challenge.

    I was in the art store yesterday and saw little glass jars of watercolor ink and wondered what it is exactly and how do you use it? It’s on my list of things to research in my quest to learn watercolor painting and techniques.

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    1. They’re ink which is water soluble. I use them especially when I do drawings for kids because the colors are very bright and cheerful. You probably need to avoid using good sable brushes because the ink gets into the ferule, but they’re good with synthetic brushes. They can be mixed together, however some are not lightfast (they’re meant for work which is not to be framed, such as mangas and sketchbooks). Some are waterproof once they’re dry, others bleed so make for a different effect. I’ve used the Windsor range, Ecoline, and Pebeo (Which have lovely colors such as jade, chartreuse and saffron). Try them, they’re fun!

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