Snow on ancient stones

While people who live in northern countries are getting heartily sick of snowy conditions, in Athens deep snow is so rare and lasts so little that it’s a cause for celebration. Schools stay shut since anyway many of the roads are closed, and everyone just makes the most of it.


A friend who is fortunate enough to live downtown, close to the Acropolis and the ruins of the Parthenon sent me these wonderful photos.



The Parthenon

The entrance to the Odeon of Herodotus Atticus


Did the Ancient Greeks make snowmen? It’s very probable.

The Tower of the Winds was built around 100 – 50 BC by  Andronicus of Cyrrhus for measuring time.


At the foot of the rock


Flying the flag on the walls



An overview


Lemon sorbet: this one was taken by my sister in her garden

All other photos by Eugenia Kokkala-Mela, owner of the wonderful HEROES shop at the foot of the Acropolis. 

And the best of it? Tomorrow there will probably be brilliant sunshine, and all traces of slush will vanish.

26 thoughts on “Snow on ancient stones”

  1. I was supposed to be in Athens this week, but due to Covid I can’t travel for the moment. Glad to be away from there right now, I hate snow. We had snow in Paris last week, and temps “feels like” -14C. Not my cuppa!


  2. more than incredible and unique, snow makes Athens even more beautiful 🙂 thanks for sharing and cheers from thee other side of Europe, Portugal eheh PedroL


  3. Marina, the snow and cold must be so strange but wow an amazing backdrop to the ancient monuments and they become even more striking! I’m smiling at the idea of the ancient Greeks building snowmen … and no doubt having snowball games!😀


  4. Wow! This is definitely cause for celebration. Did you know there was a big snowfall in Florence when Michelangelo was a young man. He carved an ice sculpture outside the palace!


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