The start of the Greek summer

May is a beautiful season in Greece. Not too hot yet, brilliant sunny days interspersed with the occasional shower, a pure transparent sky.


The sea is still a little chilly but, once you’ve warmed up in the sun, the initial shock only lasts a few seconds. And the sense of well-being afterwards lasts for hours.


The sun is good for replenishing Vitamin D, and the heat seeps happily into the old bones.

Below, fishermen mending their nets

Athens, too, is showing its best side. Cafés have opened their terraces, although people are still wearing masks in the street. And the bougainvillea is out in all its glory.


I’ve been volunteering to teach Greek online to a bunch of boys (unaccompanied minors in a refugee shelter belonging to the Home project, about which I posted a while ago) and we finally got a chance to meet in person, which was lovely.

Philopappos monument. Photo: Wikipedia commons

We went for a hike on Philopappos hill. This large park, which is known for the beautiful landscaping and stone pathways created by architect Dimitris Pikionis, is the home of many indigenous bird and a great variety of plants and trees. It is a favorite promenade of Athenians and presents the visitor with great views of the Acropolis, the whole city of Athens and the Aegean Sea that surrounds Attica. In 115 AD, a monument dedicated to the exiled Roman Prince Gaius Julius Antichus Philopappos of Commagene (a region in ancient Armenia) was erected on top of the hill. 
After his exile, Philopappos settled in Athens, became an Athenian citizen and held religious and civil offices. He was considered a great benefactor and was highly esteemed by the residents.

Best of all, the backdrop: the Parthenon, under a  brilliant Attic sky. 

7 thoughts on “The start of the Greek summer”

  1. You should be employed by the Greek Tourist Board, Marina. Your post has made me want to visit Greece again.
    The weather is very different to what we have been experiencing in Beetley, that’s for sure.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Nope! I was in Athens beginning of May, once. First of May, to be precise. It was 35C in the shade. Never again – nothing later than March for me. 🙂


  3. Lovely photos and, if I was there, I might even be tempted to have a dip in that beautiful sea.
    I’m sitting here in S.W. England being warmed by the sun – but then I am in a conservatory and it will probably rain again later 🤣
    Two days ago we put all the new plants out of the greenhouse, confident the frosts had finished, then we had a massive storm with hailstones which smashed most of them to pieces. This after the hottest March day for decades and the dryest April. At least it’s never boring I suppose.


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