A repeat visit

It’s so lovely to be able to go to shows and museums again, albeit still with masks on. And let’s hope we will not be shut in again…

For now, though, on a hot and windy day in Athens, I took the opportunity to revisit the Eliza and Basil Goulandris Foundation, a museum about which I have written before.(here).

The couple’s collection is so extensive that it would take multiple museums of this size for everything to be exhibited at once, so there is a certain amount of rotation. It was an opportunity to see some new works as well as to bask in admiration of jewels such as this dreamy still life by Gaugin. The colours glow even in my moderate  iPhone photo. 


Gauguin, Bowl of grapefruit

I’m also posting a few different photos this time.

A large sculpture be Igor Mitoraj, in bronze with a brown patina, called Luci di Nara.



Two lovely jade reindeer from  the 17th-century Ming Dysnasty.


Some cool drawings by Francesco Clemente, always a favourite.



A sculpture by Barbara Hepworth.



An interesting monochrome by François Rouan.


And, last but not least, a mixed media abstract by Jean Fautrier. It’s called Manhattan, and represents an aerial view of the city at night. 


9 thoughts on “A repeat visit”

  1. Thank you for the brief walk with you . . . love it all but think the Mitoraj bronze unforgettable . . . wish our visit had been longer . . .


  2. How lovely! The Gaugin is beautiful…

    Funnily enough, I’ve just been reading about Barbara Hepworth as part of Caroline Maclean’s group biography of the Hampstead modernists, Circles & Squares. Definitely recommended if you’re interested in artists’ lives.


  3.  Dear one, I hope my email finds you well, I absolutely love your art and blog and your refreshing perspective on life in Athens. Honestly I don’t remember how I found you but happy I have. My name is Irene and I am writing to you from a little lake town called Bridgenorth which is in Ontario, Canada. If you are familiar with Toronto, we are an hour and a half drive. I miss Greece and particularly Rhodes where my family lives. Last time I was there was before Covid in September. I miss everything Greek even the chaos which I refer to as beautiful chaos and now will miss the fact that my two favourite artists Poulopoulos and Voskopoulos are not here but I take comfort and know they are somewhere together sharing their beautiful music. Cheers Irene

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