Halloween Humor

Halloween is not really a thing in Greece but, as it amuses children—and some adults presumably— Halloween parties do take place, but no trick or treating as such. However, as put off as I am by the usual overdose of merch etc, I admit I do love some of the jokes and cartoons.

I’m a big fan of Dan Piraro and his Bizarro comics

And the inimitable Roz Chas

The one below is a little gross

And the next one, decidedly non-PC

❤️❤️❤️ the raven

Last but not least, Edward Gorey. Although he did not have Halloween in mind, he most definitely is the maestro of spooky ink drawings.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

(Images taken from Pinterest)

6 thoughts on “Halloween Humor”

  1. I took a while to get the “Which one” one! Every Halloween we buy a big bag of chocolates. Since we live in the country no children come trick or treating. On November 1st the chocolates are always wonderful!

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  2. I agree that Hallowe’en has one of the popular holiday’s most interesting back stories. As a kid growing up in Canada it was my absolute favourite, but I had to accept that it’s not a thing in France or Switzerland either (except where expats keep up the tradition). Commercialism certainly ruins a lot of wonderful traditions.


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