Happy Birthday, Yayoi Kusama!

I’m a fan of Yayoi Kusama’s psychedelic eccentricity and gaily polka-dotted work. The Japanese artist is 87 today, and for the past 20 years has been living in a Tokyo mental hospital, from where she has continued to produce artworks in a variety of mediums, as well as launching a literary career by publishing several novels, a poetry collection and an autobiography.
She famously said: “My art originates from hallucinations only I can see.”


Yayoi Kusama, Love is Calling (2013) Image: M_Strasser via Flickr Creative Commons


In the sixties, Yayoi Kusama was part of the New York avant-garde scene, having her works exhibited alongside the likes of Andy Warhol, Claes Oldenburg and George Segal.


Yayoi Kusama, Gleaming Lights of the Souls (2008) Photo: Jim Dyson/Getty Images


In her honor, Artnet News has published a lovely article entitled:

14 Yayoi Kusama Quotes on Her 87th Birthday (Article by Alyssa Buffenstein)

You can find it here. (I borrowed the photographs from them, many thanks.)


Yayoi Kusama, Infinite Obsession (2013) Photo: YASUYOSHI CHIBA/AFP/Getty Images

25 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Yayoi Kusama!”

  1. I love Kusama too…when I found out she carried around a box of faces she had cut out of magazines, I was hooked! Very interesting life. Thanks for the link to the quotes too. (K)

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  2. Wow, i’ve admired Yayoi Kusama’s artwork before, but i had NO idea she lived in a mental hospital. I never knew that much about her; i figured she was just a delightfully eccentric older lady who didn’t let age get in the way of her amazing creativity. Now you’ve got me wanting to know more about her. I see one of the other commenters mentions that the artist carries a box of cutout faces from magazines with her. My curiosity is piqued! Thankyou.

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      1. She really is. It made me sad to read about her abusive mother 😦 I have a newfound respect and interest in Ms Kusama and her work now. Thankyou for posting about her. (And thankyou for kindly having a little look at my silly blog! I’m always conscious that people might feel pressured to do that when i make random comments on people’s interesting posts! But i’m very grateful for people taking time out of their day to do so . Hope you have a lovely day 🙂 )


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