Dear reader

Dear reader,

After a surge of posts at the end of last year, things seem to have gone quiet. Or rather, I’ve been both very busy and a little uninspired. I see now I only managed a single post in January – horrors! So let me hasten to reassure you, I have not died or gone away.



However, I do find myself at some kind of crossroads with this blog. It’s difficult to write about Greece at the moment – things are no better, and do people want to keep reading about the refugees, the hopeless politicians and the unending financial crisis? I feel I’ve also covered the various traditions, feasts, etc – this is not supposed to be a travel guide, after all. Interviews seem to have dried up, a couple of people never having come up with the goods.



When I come across something amusing or worthwhile, or think of someone fun to interview, or have time for a road trip, or visit an art show, inspiration is easy. However, this does not make for regular output – on the other hand, I don’t want this blog to turn into a kind of homework, there’s no point to that.
So, suggestions are welcome. What would like to read about? Any special interests, more interviews, more art, less art?



Meanwhile, I am planning a trip next weekend, to visit a facility for people with special needs, in the beautiful seaside town of Galaxidi. The Estia Agios Nikolaos is a unique place, the beloved project of a good friend of mine, where people live in a family-style environment and are allowed to thrive at their own pace. They are having their vasilopitta, the Greek tradition of cutting a special cake each New Year. So there is a post to be written soon, which I feel sure will be interesting.



The photographs are of a series I’m working on at the moment, Feathers. They are small paintings, which will make up to a larger installation, and at the same time I’m using them to experiment with different techniques in mixed media. As well as working with watercolor, collage and gold leaf, I’m  also layering pieces of newspaper and silver foil with paint and crumpled tissue paper in various combinations. Sometimes I draw or paint over the top, sometimes I gouge bits out with a cutter. It’s really fun to do, and I’m hoping to use these techniques on larger pieces eventually.


Don’t forget to comment and egg me on with your suggestions!

61 thoughts on “Dear reader”

  1. It may not be much help, but over the two and half years I’ve been blogging, I have moved from simply blogging about writing – which was my original intention – to also blogging about the other things that particularly interest me. So, posts on travel and painting, and a few about politics, interspersed with writing posts, and frequently combining several different topics and genres. Why not put a few posts up on anything else that interests you, and just see where that goes?

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    1. You’re right’ I think I will. I started the blog to keep my friends informed about the goings on in Greece in the summer of 2015, and it sort of evolved from there. Things change, which is a good thing.

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  2. I am more than happy with your lovely feather art, Marina. But I also enjoy the ‘everyday’ posts about life in Greece, political or otherwise. I am more than happy to see more of those.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. I enjoyed hearing about your painting the three (can’t spell tryptech!!) with irises. I would like occasionally for you to take some column/carving/statue/painting from ancient times and tell the story!


  4. Please post more of your painting projects! I especially like seeing your thematic art collections, like your feathers, your alphabets, the birds etc. I particularly love the way you draw horses. And maybe sometimes you don’t always need to write words for your posts, sometimes you can let your images speak for themselves. Photo essays of your travels, your interests etc could be fun too. Also, the interviews are a great idea worth continuing. One last idea, how about posting short stories? Why not allow yourself a break from writing about reality and briefly escape into the world of fiction (and take us with you!). Short stories could be another fun and easy way for us readers to engage with your blog. You are very talented and very prolific! Enjoy and keep at it!


  5. I was just thinking about how much I’ve missed you, Marina, and then this post. And the feathers, the gorgeous feathers. I am so impressed with your feathers, so very impressed by your maturity as an artist. Don’t know if you know this about me, but I was a commercial artist for some years and then an art teacher for many years. Your paintings are so beautiful – they let us see the uniqueness of each simple feather and I’m reminded of the uniqueness of every person.

    If you can’ write – art!


  6. I love to hear about the travel and of course what is going on in the art world. i do read the political press to catch up with other things, i suppose.
    blue skies please!!!


  7. The feathers are beautiful. I would be interested to see some step-by-step pictures and descriptions of your process. I’m intrigued.

    I have stopped worrying about posting on a regular schedule. I know that’s thrown about as one of those golden rules of blogging, but I don’t actually notice if someone posts every Monday or misses a week here and there.

    I like reading personal tidbits from people’s lives. Even discussions about travel, world affairs, politics can be more interesting with a few “life is messy” anecdotes. Just keep telling it as you see it!


    1. Thank you, Leah. I guess you’re right, everyone’s been telling me that! Quite reassuring, since by character I tend towards self-discipline. I’m trying to loosen up in my painting, too. I will take step by step pictures of the paintings, it’s a good idea! Even so that I myself can remember later what I did! 🌹


      1. I really hope I don’t miss that post! I’m dabbling more and more with drawing and something close to painting. Always eager to learn new techniques.


  8. I am interested in daily life in Greece, yours or the one of people you meet. Do not hesitate to write about the financial crisis or the refugees but let us know what real people think of it, what has changed in their life and what they are hoping. Thanks!


  9. Gosh those paintings are gorgeous! I especially loved the first two! Have you had your art displayed in exhibitions?
    I’d love to see more art and more of your everyday life in Greece: food, images from your neighborhood, cultural differences, or anything that you feel like writing about.
    Definitely nothing that makes you feel like it’s homework! 🙂
    Happy to see you are still around in the blogosphere!


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