Party time!

Word press has lately informed me of my 7th blogging anniversary. Who would have thought the years would go by so fast? (At least in blogging terms…) Of course I knew it was seven years, because I started the blog during the big—and continuing—crisis we had in Greece in 2015. New readers can read all about it in this post. And some of the following ones.

June 2015: my friends from abroad kept calling to find out what was happening, we were spending a horrible summer stuck in front of the TV. I thought, rather than keep repeating things to each one, I would try and put it down in writing. After a while, I decided I did not always want to talk about the bad news and difficulties,  I also wanted to present the ‘good’ side of Greece—seeing as we were being stigmatised in the press, branded as a nation of feckless tax evaders, and worse.

Although we obviously were not without fault, it has since become apparent to many people that Greece got the short end of the stick, and a whole nation was made to suffer, and is still suffering, because of the usual misguided political and economic schemes and interests of more powerful countries.


I have been, since university, very pro Europe, but I confess I have been sadly disappointed. How a bunch of highly qualified (supposedly) and highly paid (by the taxpayer) people managed to make such a mess of things, beats me. And they are still doing it—viz their handling of the refugee situation.

Despite all this, I still feel a united Europe is  a good thing, in order to pull its weight with the huge empires that are the USA, China and Russia. 

To come back to the blog, it will not have escaped the notice of older readers that I have been writing less often of late. Well, I lead a very busy life, shared between Greece and France, since we have had to make big changes due to the above-mentioned crisis. So, my days are full: and, besides work, I have been doing a lot of drawing and painting, as most of you know—and writing, about which you don’t, since I never put any of it on the blog. I also volunteer for two refugee organisations in Greece, which I have not talked about yet—but maybe I will in future, since it has been a most interesting, although often heartbreaking, challenge.

Therefore the blog has taken a back seat, and not only because of the above.  The fact is, I have not been feeling very inspired: the situation, both in Greece and worldwide, is depressing, and who wants to hear any more about it? We read enough in the papers. Art is a solace, but I am wary of overload.

I admit there are days when I have thought of giving up the blog, but what keeps me going is you guys, my dear readers and bloggy friends. Over those seven years there are people who have stuck with me through thick and thin (Yes, you, Pete, Goeff, Jennie, Franklin, Anne, Derrick, Bruce, Deborah, Ellen, Eha, Bea, Mick, Sue, Jacqui, Anne, Kate, Tialys, Mona, Jack, Willowdot, Mariella, Pamela—and countless others). I could not bear to lose touch with you, or stop following your own blogs and exchanging remarks and comments. Also here I must mention the few who have, in the course of those years, sadly left us—I think of them often.

So thanks, everyone, keep checking in, and let me know if there are things you particular want me to write about. In return, and since this is, after all, an anniversary, I offer you cake!

37 thoughts on “Party time!”

  1. Happy Anniversary, Marina! I’m most happy to partake of cake, and celebrate your bloggiversary..By the way, don’t think many of us are feeling inspired at present

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  2. I enjoyed my slice of cake. Thank you, Marina. 🙂
    I am happy that you started blogging. I have enjoyed your tours of exhibitions and galleries, your own unique art, the photos of your travels, and the serious side of the situation in your home country. I am coming up to 10 years of blogging soon, and it has opened my mind and expanded my world view. The WordPress community is a wonderful thing to be a part of.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Glad to hear from you again. I know what it’s like to suddenly realise that your blog is due and you don’t know what to write about.
    I hope you continue to post your interesting posts
    Thanks for the cake.

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  4. I know it’s difficult to feel the light in all the darkness. I feel that too. Your visits to museums and your art are a bright spot. When I read blog posts or newsletters I return to those that spread the light. That’s why I keep reading. Happy anniversary!


  5. Oh, happy anniversary! It is always a pleasure to read your thoughtful and insightful posts….and there can never be an overload of art! I agree that it is the bloggy friends that keep me going too.

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  6. Missing you and Greece. I now live with Parkinsin’s illness and in a wheelchair. We are in San Diego, S Cal. No more horses for me sadly. But My wife is super. I send you love and good wishes always.


  7. Congratulations and felicitations . . . and if somehow you do find the time . . . please do not give up ! During the years I have flown over to walk barefoot on your beaches with you in the hot Greek sunshine I have also had the much, much appreciated privilege of learning so much about art and books and history and current affairs and, and . . . . quite frankly I would miss that awfully . . . and the bad: that also has to be shared so we do not feel so alone in our own thoughts . . . thank you for being you . . .


  8. Happy anniversary, Marina! It’s always a joy to see one of your lovely posts popping into my reader, so here’s to the next 7 years of successful blogging – your artworks are so gorgeous!

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  9. Happy anniversary!!!!
    Those WordPress notification do come in handy reminding you how much time has gone past… Oh how time flies, some things change others no so much but still we move.

    I dream that my blog will live on long after I have posted my last

    The world could do with some inspiration


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  10. Keep up the good work on all fronts. I share what you say about blogging. It provides us with an unusual friendship, there are no obligations but there is a certain warmth within this eclectic community of like minded souls. The only ticket of entry is to provide a view of the world through your own eyes.


  11. I love your bright pictures. Keep blogging, but just when you feel like it. It’s not school homework, you don’t have to stick to an agenda.
    I was gutted when we voted for Brexit, like you I think we need a united Europe more than ever; though of course the EU and its members are not perfect.

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